The Hoff Property- Help Protect This Special Place in Marion!

The Hoff Property is a 27-acre property featuring critical woodlands, wetlands and wildlife habitat located in western Marion.

Sippican Lands Trust needs your support to help protect this special place which abuts other significant conservation parcels and is part of the Aucoot Cove Watershed and 700+ acres of protected, contiguous upland pine and mixed hardwood forest and wetlands.

Protecting the Hoff Property offers a great opportunity to secure land for habitat protection, improved water quality and recreational access.

Why protect the Hoff Property?

  • Protect critical wildlife habitat
  • Protect water quality as part of the Aucoot Cove Watershed
  • Provide access to open space and expanded recreational opportunities like hiking, birding and snowshoeing
  • Conserve land identified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as “core habitat”

Sippican Lands Trust seeks your support to protect the Hoff Property and donations are due by October 29, 2020.  Make an online donation below or send your donation to Sippican Lands Trust, PO Box 848, Marion, MA 02738. Thank you for your support!