The Sippican Lands Trust has an active Stewardship Program.  Land owners, abutters, students and hunters are all examples of the volunteers who help to monitor and maintain our properties.  The help of these “stewards” is essential to the SLT.  Many are assigned a property to oversee, survey annually and help identify any situations that require attention.

The SLT also hosts “work parties” throughout the year.  These are specific events that happen on a chosen property that needs immediate care.  All are welcome to attend and lend a hand.

Please contact Sippican Lands Trust at to volunteer.

  • Click here to print a copy of the Stewardship Inspection Report. Please fill the form out and return it to the SLT office, 156 Front Street, P.O. Box 848, Marion, MA 02738 or call the office with any questions.