Osprey Marsh

Osprey Marsh was donated to the Sippican Lands Trust in 2014 by Mary Howland Smoyer in cooperation with her children and her siblings, Edward Howland, George Howland and Meg Howland.


Osprey Marsh is a 19.8-acre parcel of protected upland woods, wetlands and marshland offering spectacular water views of Planting Island Cove. The Osprey Marsh features two trails at the site. Tucker’s Trail, named in memory of Tucker Francis, is a natural pathway meandering through the uplands and marshes at Osprey Marsh connecting with the Osprey Marsh Accessible Boardwalk. The Osprey Marsh Accessible Boardwalk is an 800-foot accessible wooden boardwalk and stone dust pathway with a prominent viewing platform at the end of the trail.


The Osprey Marsh parking area is located off Point Road approximately three miles south of the intersection of Route 6 (Wareham Road) and Point Road in Marion.

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Osprey Marsh

Sippican Lands Trust Rules and Regulations

  • Our land is open from sunrise to sunset.
  • No Drugs or Alcohol.
  • Pets should be under their owner’s control and dispose of pet waste thoughtfully.
  • No smoking or fires.
  • No motorized vehicles.
  • No littering.
  • No camping.
  • Leave the plants, animals, and geology as you find them.
  • No hunting on SLT property, except with SLT's permission.
  • No unauthorized postings on SLT properties.
  • Parking for visitors of the Sippican Lands Trust, where applicable. Not all properties have dedicated parking.