Cerkovitz Woods

This 7.8 acre property located off of Route 6 is comprised of wetlands and a wooded wildlife refuge.


It contains a pond and bog which is home to great blue heron, red tailed hawk, chickadees, swallows and blackbirds. This property has no walking trails but is a great birding opportunity.


Adjacent to our White Eagle property, Cerkovitz Woods connects Aucoot Woods to Route 6.

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Sippican Lands Trust Rules and Regulations

  • Our land is open from sunrise to sunset.
  • No Drugs or Alcohol.
  • Pets should be under their owner’s control and dispose of pet waste thoughtfully.
  • No smoking or fires.
  • No motorized vehicles.
  • No littering.
  • No camping.
  • Leave the plants, animals, and geology as you find them.
  • No hunting on SLT property, except with SLT's permission.
  • No unauthorized postings on SLT properties.
  • Parking for visitors of the Sippican Lands Trust, where applicable. Not all properties have dedicated parking.