Junior Board

Started in 2014, the Junior Board is a group of dedicated junior members who seek to increase environmental awareness and involvement among their peers. They aim to share the Sippican Lands Trust mission, to host events, and participate in activities on the many properties held by the Trust.

The Junior Board meets on the third Wednesday, ten months of the year (September-October) and (January-August). Meetings will be held either on the trails or in the SLT office. Some of the activities you can anticipate are the annual Halloween preparation & event, snowshoeing, bird watching & box preparation & maintenance, bee hotel building & maintenance, tree identification activities, the annual Easter Egg hunt preparation & event, July 4th parade preparation & event, AND assistance & participation in Sippican Lands Trust events throughout the year.

If interested in being a part of the Junior Board, an application form may be completed and returned to the SLT office by October 1, 2018 for elections to the Junior Board. Participants will be notified by September by Friday, September 14. Forms are available at your school office, at the SLT office (156 Front Street, Marion, MA 02738), or can be downloaded here.