Osprey Marsh Boardwalk Project

Building trails to community wellness

Sippican Lands Trust has completed construction on a nearly 2,000-foot accessible trail at our Osprey Marsh property. This project builds on the generous donation by members of the Smoyer/Howland family of a 19.8-acre property of forest and marshland on Planting Island Cove.

The Osprey Marsh Boardwalk Project expands our mission by enhancing accessibility to all community residents, including infants and toddlers in strollers, older adults and other community residents with constraints on mobility. Additional adjustments to the trail will be made over the next few months including the construction of an open air pavilion at the site.

Sippican Lands Trust is grateful for funding from the Marion Community Preservation Committee to cover the initial planning, design and permitting costs associated with the accessible boardwalk project at Osprey Marsh.

Thank you to our generous donors, members and friends for supporting this important project! If you would like to make a gift to the Osprey Marsh Boardwalk Project or buy a board on the boardwalk, then please visit one of the links below:

The trail consists of a nearly 2,000-foot way that combines hard-surface segments with a wooden boardwalk and extends from the existing parking area on Point Road at Osprey Marsh, through the forest and wetlands, to a viewing platform on the cove. Bump outs with benches along the walkway provide places to rest and spaces for strollers and wheelchairs to pass. [see map]

The Osprey Marsh Boardwalk Project represents a significant community asset that promotes health and wellness for Marion residents through accessible contact with nature and the beauty of the forest and marshlands.

Thank you for your support of this important project in Marion!