Birds & Bourbon Fundraiser

The Sippican Lands Trust is happy to announce a new fundraiser, Birds and Bourbon.

More information can be found below about the event and about the speaker, Cameron Cox. You can purchase tickets below!


Get to know the birds of the South Coast with guest speaker Cameron Cox, whose newly published book on tern species and identification which will be available for purchase and discussion at the event! Come join SLT and Cameron for a morning, private bird walk on the Cape on Sunday, July 10th at 8:00 AM. Then come by the Marion Art center at 5:30 PM for a presentation on birding and how to hone your birding skills followed by a Bourbon Tasting from the Mary Celeste Wine and Whiskey Library.

About our Speaker!

For 28 years Cameron Cox, the owner and instructor for Avocet Birding Courses, has been passionate about learning about birds and bird identification. Throughout his twenties he traversed the United States doing bird research fieldwork that allowed him to immerse himself in the study of the birds of North America. It was during this period that he began to question the standard narrative around bird identification that centers on the “Field Mark” as the be-all-end-all of bird identification.

Years of searching for answers of how birders identify birds rapidly and accurately eventually led to a new approach in birding, borrowed from seemingly unrelated disciplines, which uses using the techniques that top performers like professional athletes and world-class chefs use to excel. Even more answers were found in the research of scientists studying the human mind, particularly in the fields of cognitive psychology and decision-making.

Out of this study, Cameron has sculpted a different way of approaching and teaching bird identification that forms the underpinning of all the Avocet Birding Courses workshops and tours.

Visit his website here:

About the Event!

The private bird walk will be held on Sunday, July 10th at 8:00 AM. We will meet at the SLT Office at 173 Spring St in Marion before carpooling and departing for a 30-minute trip to Cape Cod. You will be provided with directions on the exact location as the date approaches and after you purchase tickets. There are only 14 tickets available for this trip so please act fast. Thank you.