Through the Viewfinder with Marian Howell

Day One of the 3 day heatwave. Days Two and Three promised to be miserable
scorchers, but today didn’t break 90° although the humidity was ugly. An hour before
the 8:13pm sunset a gentle breeze was blowing across the cranberry bogs, feeling cool
and keeping the bugs away! The sunlight was being diffused by the high, hazy clouds
and covered the bogs and their surroundings with a sweet soft light – a delight and
inspiration for many photographers! I love the way this light caresses its subjects. As
always I try not to shoot right away, preferring to stand and take in the sights and
sounds. I then shoot a wide view to document what I saw. When I study this image
later on the computer I will check to see if I missed anything and want to go back (and I
usually have and I do!).

I love water reflections and normally I would head straight to the three bodies of water
that surround these bogs and explore their shorelines. Marshes and bogs also call to me,
and today my eye was drawn to a spot I’ve shot many times.

The variety of textures and colors of the grasses, plus water, always fascinates me. I got
out my short and medium telephotos and got to work diving into the details and close
ups. Time passes happily.

As sunset gets closer the light softens even more, and the shadows dissolve.

Sadly though, about 10:00 before sunset, the sun went behind a large darkish cloud and was
occluded. Everyone gathered in the corner of the bogs facing where sunset might be, but
nothing happened…although everyone seemed to have enjoyed the golden hour exploring the
bog. As the last of us were packing up about 10:00 into the blue hour, the breeze died, and the
bugs came, but there was a little color…