SLT Letterboxing Summer 2019

Join Sippican Lands Trust on a fun and exciting activity called letterboxing and visit some of our wonderful properties in Marion. Kids and adults of all ages can participate in letterboxing as the summer winds down to an end.










The challenge:  Between August 15 to September 15, bring a marker and a dry, blank card with you as you go down Sippican Lands Trust trails.  Along the way you will find tiny treasure chests with rubber stamps in them.  Color the rubber stamp with your water based, non-toxic marker and stamp your card!  Collect 4 of the 6 hidden stamps!  If you succeed you can bask in the glory of exploring and mail in the card with your name, return address  and you will be entered into a drawing to win Sippican Lands Trust swag (hat or shirt). Happy seeking and finding!

Click here for your guide to letterboxing!